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AllamalQuran.com is one of the best online Quran teaching organizations. It is a project of Suffah Education System. The prime objective of the foundation is to create awareness among Quran students about correct and meaningful reading of the Holy Quran.

 We believe that:

“Correct reading is better than more reading”

It has been almost twelve year that we are involved in the teaching of Holy Quran. During this period we had the chance to teach students of almost all age groups. In this practice we have identified that for a child who has to start from beginning and for adults who have learnt Holy Quran earlier but are not able to read Quran with basic and important “Tajweed” rules, what are the educational requirements? Besides all this we came to know that for a common man to learn Holy Quran in correct sense what principles should be carried forward.

When we talk about learning of Quran for younger children, it seems that children mostly are not taught in detail and they are not informed about many of the necessary principles because of the assumption that they may not understand, therefore one should not put burden on them. However, our experience is that it is very difficult to overcome the deficiency left at early stages. It is because of our social life style that is moving towards a totally different direction these days. In these circumstances it is so difficult to spare some time to learn the Holy Quran with important “Tajweed” rules.

Keeping in view the entire situation we recommend that the children must be informed about all basics and relevant rules, right form beginning, because most of the children understand these rules in a proper manner. If some of them are unable to understand, the knowledge is stored in their subconscious and guides them for the future about the deficiencies which will lead them to correct themselves by removing their short comings and keep them inclined towards learning. In other case if they have not learnt these rules altogether, they will be reading Quran as it should not be, without knowing whether their reading is correct or not.

There are different “Qaidas” (a basic book) available and they have played a good role in learning of Holy Quran. But when we impartially examine these “Qaidas”, we may find that most of them do not emphasis on learning the rules and principles. Some of them have some information about these rules and other even do not mention many of the things necessary for reading the Quran. On the other hand there are some books available containing a detailed and technical information regarding recitation. To learn these books an expert teacher is required, which is not easily available to every one. Moreover it is not easy for many of the brothers and sisters to go to Islamic centers and Masjid and sometime environment is not ideal to have classes there.   

Keeping in view all these conditions a humble effort bas been made to design a syllabus which includes all the necessary and basic “Tajweed” rules. It has been arranged in such a way that on one hand it will be very easy to understand for the children, and on the other hand it will be a great source of help for those who have already learnt Holy Quran and think that they need to make themselves correct but cannot find a teacher to educate them.    

May Allah (Subhaanahu Wata’aala) in alms of prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) guide us to learn Holy Quran correctly and give us the ability to understand it, to recite it daily and follow its teachings in our daily life, so that we may succeed (Ameen). 


If you want to learn the Holy Quran with all basic Tajweed rules in a very easy to understand and systematic way, join us and feel the difference because

“Reward is not in more reading; rather it is in correct reading”

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If u want to Learn Quran and pronounce it correctly then please do consult with us because our objective is to promote the awareness among quran students to correct the reading of the quran.









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